Module 5:

Resources & Recommended Products 

These are all brands that I know and like, and resources for further research and digging to find more products that YOU like! Active links are in gray. 

Beauty products



Josie Maran

Beauty Counter

Juice Beauty

Juice Organics

Random Etsy shops like this one

I've heard these are cool

More lists:

Goop - Detoxinista - Beautiful Mess - Organic Girl

Cleaning Products






Dr. Bronner's

Homemade furniture polish (dig around that site for more easy DIY products)

EWG's Guide + Database to Green Cleaning Products

Water Filters 

Mine - Clear2O (yes I know it's a plastic carafe. I don't yet have an alternative to this!)

EWG's database for waterfilters (a bit overwhelming to search)

This filter is probably my next purchase, FWIW


EWG's Guide to organic produce (when to splurge, when to save) look at dirty dozen and clean 15

Join a CSA! This is the local to SF Bay Area one that I do. 

And the animal protein CSA. 

More resources