Dana LaVoie, LA.c

Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist + Expert in Menopause


Shana Averbach, LMFT

Licensed therapist specializing in Maternal Mental Health


Callie Stemerman, Infant & Toddler Sleep Specialist

Certified Sleep Consultant at Sleepless in SF. Child development expert and mom of 2 girls.

Sydney James, PT

Postpartum Physical Therapist, new mom and owner of TherapyDia SF!

Emily Sullivan, NP IBCLC

Emily is a Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified Lactation Consultant and mom of 2 girls! 

July 2018

May 2018



Dr. Felicia de la Garza Mercer, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Feminist Mama Bear and Women's Sexual Health Expert

The Postpartum Sisters - Nicole Coons & Kendra Fitzgerald

Experts in pre- and post-natal yoga and exercise correction. Sisters IRL. 4 kiddos between them! 

Katherine Taylor Lynch, Psy.D.

Psychologist & Mom of 2! Talking about Postpartum Anxiety - what it is, why it happens, what you can do at home and when and how to get some help.


Resources mentioned:

Mindfulness and Meditation Resources (most have free trials so you can check out which you like best):

Expectful (disclosure: free trial is affiliate link)



Mindfulness Coach (iOS and Android apps)

Online Therapy/ Coaching Resources:

Talk Space


Emergency Help:

Postpartum International HelpLine  1-800-944-4773(4PPD) http://wmmhday.postpartum.net/

Mental Health Crisis Helpline (or call 911) 1-800-273-8255