Q&A 4

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0:14 DETOX: Throw out plastic tupperware and tin foil? (the reusable products I mentioned - US and Canada purchase options)

6:40 Should we eliminate SUGAR for fertility?

7:55 Can we eat meat?

8:55 Gluten free or vegetarian diet plans?

11:11 Pasta and rice?

12:05 More meal or recipe recommendations? (Resources: Easy Paleo recipes, Nom Nom, Paleomg)

Q&A 3


0:14 Best oils for different cooking temps

5:26 Nightshade veggies - eat or avoid?

8:15 Grass fed v. Organic meat - what's the difference?


q&a 2


0:10 Fruit! Why only berries in the shopping list?

2:15 Where does the estrogen go when released from body fat?

q&a 1 


0:44 - Signs of hormone balance without cycle

6:46 - Eggs! Organic, pastured, what to choose?

10:38 - Fermented cheese?

11:57 - Full fat v. low or notfat dairy

16:00 - Probiotics and good bugs

Resources mentioned: 

Organic Blog Post

Jarrodophilus Probiotics