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Preparing your body for TTC

Start Your Fertility Diet

Watch the first eCourse and start your base fertility diet to nourish you and your partner's body and hormones. Continue with the assessment quizzes and personalized eCourses to streamline this diet to make it perfect for you and your needs.

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Reduce your toxin exposure

Clean up your chemicals

Is your body experiencing an overload of hormone disrupting chemicals making it difficult to conceive? This course is all about how to identify signs and symptoms of toxic overload, products to swap out and how to support your body's natural detox.

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What's up with your adrenals?

Stress, Fertility & Hormones

See if your stress levels are potentially impacting your ability to get pregnant, and start your stress-busting plan immediately

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Estrogen: too much of a good thing

Estrogen Dominance Diet

Estrogen Dominance is the most common hormone imbalance I see in my practice. Discover if your estrogen needs some love, functional foods and supplements for supporting estrogen detox, and what to avoid to keep it in balance.

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BONUS Mini-Course: PCOS Diet

Does your progesterone need a boost?

Progesterone Power

Progesterone and Estrogen are frenemies - sometimes they get along and sometimes they are at each other's throats. Find out the signs and symptoms of this lady hormone out of whack, and what to do about it even if your lab tests were normal.

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Why your thyroid needs to be in line if TTC

Thyroid: Master endocrine gland

The thyroid is a master endocrine gland, controlling your metabolism and fertility. Learn how to tell if your thyroid is whacked out, what to ask the doctor about, and lifestyle changes to rebalance.

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Is your digestion a fertility problem?

Gut Check

Your digestion says a lot about your overall health, and is a marker of fertility issues. More than just GI symptoms, take the quiz to assess your digestive wellness and get that gut in check.

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Mini Course: Keeping your eggs forever young

Older & Wiser

Age isn't always just a number. If you are over 35 or 40, or younger and diagnosed with low ovarian reserve you can start making progress today to turn back the clock.

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Unexplained Infertility

Let Me Explain...

After working to rebalance and deeply nourish, this course is about discovering the additional "hidden" reasons of unexplained infertility.

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