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4th Trimester Recovery & Healing

0-3 Months PP

Start Your Healing Journey

This course is for those who have recently given birth. Learn which nutrients you need to help your body recover and heal faster and more efficiently. Prepare for and help your hormones during the big shifts we see in the 4th trimester. Bonus talks on sleep and nutrition for nursing.

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Postpartum Repletion

0+ Months PP

Get Your Nutrients Back!

This course can be taken anytime after baby - even if you are YEARS and several children PP! What is Postpartum depletion, are you at risk (hint: yes) and how do you know which vitamins and minerals YOU need to get more of? Get a personalized plan for food and supplementation in this course all about nutrient repletion.

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Hormone Help!

3-6+ Months PP

Eating for Balance

The first few months after baby are a hormone soup. This course will walk you through steps to identify and balance your hormones that may be struggling to come to equilibrium.

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Weight Management

6-9+ Months PP

Fit & Strong Mama

After healing our hormones and replacing our nutrients we can start to focus on slow and gentle weight loss if still holding onto some baby weight. Special considerations for this course will be nursing and maintaining milk supply, exercise and weight gain for those who have lost more weight than expected.

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Meal Planning, Self Care and Fitness for your real life

0+ Months PP to Forever!

Putting it All Together

The secret to having and doing it all? It doesn't exist. Let's talk meal and exercise hacks, and how to balance YOU time with family and work obligations using the keywords: efficiency and priotizing.

Course Coming Soon